Series 6250 Solids Handling Wastewater Pumps - Features & Benefits


  1. Pump bearing journal with double row ball thrust bearing ball or roller radial bearing. 40,000 hr. minimum B-10 life.
  2. Non-clog 2-port or 4-port enclosed impeller passes full 21/2 " to 7" solids.
  3. Contoured handhole inspection cover in casing.
  4. Contoured handhole inspection cover in elbow.
  5. Shaft keyway with key, tapered shaft on 6315 and larger pump, stainless steel washer and locknut.
  6. Hardened stainless steel shaft sleeve.
  7. Micrometer axial shaft adjustment.
  8. Repelling back pump out vanes.
  9. (Optional) Pipe plug for back flushing.
  10. (Optional) Double mechanical seal to replace standard packed box.
  11. (Optional) Butt type stainless steel or bronze case and impeller wearing rings.
  12. (Optional) Universal joint flexible shafting with slip-spline for easy removal.
  13. (Optional) Ball steady bearing for intermediate floor or beam support.
  14. Support for "C" or "P" base motors ("high-ring" base).
  15. Special metallurgy, as required.

  • Removable rotating element is provided by back pull out design. piping need not be disturbed.
  • Interchangeability; twenty-three pump sizes utilize only six bearing journals with eight shaft sizes, fewer parts need to be kept on hand.
  • Flip-over (reversible) casings provide for clockwise or counter-clockwise rotation using "cw" or "ccw" impeller.
  • Discharge nozzle may be positioned in 45o increments.
  • Axial adjustment; easy wrench adjustment to maintaain clearance between impeller eye and suction plate.
  • Hardened stainless steel shaft sleeves are standard and protect the machined and polished machinery steel shaft.
  • Every impeller has back pump out vanes which reduce stuffing box pressure, prevents clogging or ragging and reduces axial thrust bearing loads.
  • All pumps 6315 and larger have a tapered shaft with matching tapered impeller which assures both a tighter fit and easy impeller removal.

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