Series 4000 SHONE® Pneumatic Ejectors

The SHONE Pneumatic Ejector is the superior pumping solution for low-flows, high heads and heavy solids applications. It is the ultimate in long-life sewage handling systems; typical operating life is measured in decades!

  • Simple batch cycling; typically sized for 30 second filling / 30 second discharge
  • Variable volume pumping while preserving consistent discharge scouring velocities
  • No springs, diaphragms, seals or bearings to wear out
  • Duplex units can be mechanically interlocked and/or alternated
  • No electrical devices at or near the pumped media
  • Air operation is standard; optional operation by plant steam system if desired
  • Hermetically sealed cast iron receiver pot eliminates mess and odors
  • Eliminates the need for open wet-wells or sumps
  • Superior non-clog performance; ideal for handling large solids
  • Easily handles liquids with entrained air or methane gas; ideal for scum handling service
  • 25-Year Warranty
  • Complete package systems including air compressors and storage tanks are available
  • Virtually no maintenance is required

» Engineering Catalog - Section 4000

Project / Application Profiles:
» The landmark Halle Building, Cleveland, OH
» Nearly 100 years in operation and still going strong!

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