Series 3000 & 8000 Vertical Suspended Wet-Pit Pumps

  • Series 3000 - Screened inlet type for pumping drainage and wastewater containing small solids
  • Series 8000 - Open-suction type for pumping sewage and wastewater containing large solids or abrasives
  • Ideal for handling various process wastewater solutions containing chemicals, acids or abrasives
  • Special materials available for corrosive and/or abrasive duty
  • Rugged motor support frame with machined tongue & groove to receive standard NEMA vertical solid-shaft motors; Motor supports for IEC motors are also available
  • Micrometer adjusting collar in motor support sets running clearance of the impeller to increase efficiency and lower the power consumption
  • Heavy-duty ball thrust bearing located far above the suspension plate for protection during washdown
  • Packed stuffing box with split bronze gland to limit fumes and odors
  • A wide range of bearing types and lubrication options are available
  • Suspension pipe utilizes torque locked flanges with tongue & groove registered fits to assure proper shaft alignment
  • Short intermediate bearing spacing to reduce shaft deflection
  • All bearing housings designed with tongue & groove registered fits
    Lubri-Vac lubrication of lower pump bearing assures long wear life by pulling grit away from the bearing

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