Yeomans Pump was started in 1898 as Yeomans Brothers Pump Company. The Yeomans brothers began operation out of a small building on the north side of Chicago.

The products consisted mainly of building trade pumps such as sump pumps and recirculation pumps.

Over time the company grew and the product range was expanded to include wastewater, shipboard and agricultural pumps.

Yeomans was well know to have some of the finest fish pumps that were used to transfer fish to the dock.

yeo-man n (14c) 
a: an attendant or officer in a royal or noble household; 
b: one that performs great and loyal service

In the early part of the 1900's Yeomans established an agreement with the Shone Company of England. The Shone company licensed manufacturing and marketing rights of the Shone Pneumatic ejector to the Yeomans brothers. The success of the "Shone" in the United States led the brother to buy out the Shone Company completely in later years.

During the war time, Yeomans Brothers was involved in manufacturing pumps and other support equipment for the war effort. When World War II concluded, manufacturing returned to wastewater pumping equipment, and the company would move to a new home in Melrose Park. The Melrose Park facility was over three times the size of the previous factory.

In the mid '60s, Yeomans expanded its line into the submersible pump market. The line continued to grow as did the popularity of submersible pumps. In the late '70s, Yeomans began the manufacture of its own submersible motors. This line of motors ranged from 180, 210 and 250 frame sizes with 5 to 40 HP. The motor line was expanded in the late 90's to include 320 and 360 frame motors that expanded the capability to 200 HP.

The 90's were a time of expansion and growth for the company. The company developed and patented a closed loop cooled "Dry Pit Submersible" for use in dry environments. This motor line ranges from 5 to 150 hp in the CLC design, but other DPS motors allow the use of even larger applications. 1999 saw another major milestone for the company. It moved into a new manufacturing facility at Aurora, Illinois. This state of the art manufacturing and testing facility features improved inventory handling and storage, new machines and an expanded test floor.

Yeomans Pump continues to "make history" so check back for updates!  

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