PumpfinderPlus® pump selection and sizing software is a powerful tool for pump selection, sizing and evaluation.

In addition, the integral Catalog Online feature provides product and engineering catalog information, drawings, specifications and other useful information. 

PumpfinderPlus v.10 is currently available for the following products:


Online Pump
Selection (1)

Software (2)

Series 3000 & Series 8000 Suspended Wet-Pit Pumps
Series 6000 Dry Pit Solids-Handling Pumps
Series 9100 / 9235 Submersible Solids Handling Pumps

Online Pump Selection

Yeomans Pump
v. 10.6

Series 2110 & Series 2111 Dry Pit Solids Handling Pumps
Series 2151 Suspended Wet-Pit Pumps
Series 2152 / 2235 Submersible Solids Handling Pumps
Series 2950 & Series 2960 Vortex Pumps

Online Pump Selection

Chicago Pump
v. 10.6

Series 6100CT Severe-Duty Cup-Type Recessed Impeller Pumps
Series 7100 Heavy-Duty Wastewater Pumps

Online Pump Selection

Morris Pumps
v. 10.6



1) Online pump selection & sizing in real time, including performance curves and associated pump catalog documents (i.e. specifications, drawings, product information, etc.). To assure that you are accessing the latest pump curves and catalog documents, we strongly recommend that you use the online pump selection system.

2) Download the PumpfinderPlus program for installation on your PC. Permits pumps selection and sizing without internet connection. Internet connection is required to acccess related catalog documents (i.e. specifications, drawings, product information, etc.).
Recommended System Requirements:
• Standard PC with a 486 or higher processor
• Microsoft Windows operating system (Windows 98 or later)
• VGA or higher resolution, single video display
• Mouse or other compatible pointing device
• Adobe Reader software for viewing/printing the supplemental catalog documents. Click here to download free copy.

3) When available, links to updates for PumpfinderPlus.

4) For software Technical Support, please contact:
Engineered Software, Inc.
PH: 360-412-0702
FX: 360-412-0672


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