Series 7100 - Hydraulic Coverage By Design

Morris Pumps covers the complete range of low and head requirements encountered in the wastewater industry. Shown below are the three (3) distinct hydraulic designs that provide the highest practical pump speed for a given head in combination with low pump NPSH requirements. This job-matched approach maximizes operation and performance efficiencies while minimizing the physical size of the pump and the power requirements of the pump driver.

As operating conditions are identified by the specifier, Morris pays close attention in the selection of a pump with the highest specific speed. Specific speed is a correlation of pump capacity, head and speed at the best efficiency point (BEP) and is indicative of the shape, hydraulic geometry and characteristics of an impeller and casing. These design considerations are useful to the pump system designer to predict pump suction requirements and to verify pump and station intake design limitations.

NC - Non Clog

EC - Extra Capacity

MF - Mixed Flow
Head Range: 
High  (275' TDH max.; BEP TDH's ~200')

Capacity Range: Up to 75,000 USGPM

Impeller Type: Francis Vane

Specific Speed Range: 1,800 ~ 2,700
Head Range: 
(175' TDH max.; BEP TDH's ~100')

Capacity Range: Up to 100,000 USGPM

Impeller Type: Modified Francis Vane

Specific Speed Range: 2,700 ~ 3,700
Head Range: 
Low (100' TDH max.; BEP TDH's ~50')

Capacity Range: Up to 150,000 USGPM

Impeller Type: Mixed Flow

Specific Speed Range: 4,700 ~ 5,800

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