Series 7100 - Features & Benefits

1. Bearings
Engineered for a minimum B-10 life of 100,000 hours. Grease lubricated bearings are standard on most pumps with oil lubricated bearings optional on most.

2. Impeller Adjustments
Shims between the upper face of the bearing frame and bearing retainer allow a simple but effective method of maintaining impeller clearances. Wear ring and pump life is enhanced when impeller clearance is optimized.

3. Stuffing Box
The easily accessible stuffing box and split bronze gland make adjustment or repacking a simple procedure. The proper box proportions and Teflon seal cage design help ensure low temperatures and extended packing life. (Bronze seal cage available.) Standard stuffing box dimensions allow the use of a variety of optional mechanical seals.

4. Shaft and Shaft Sleeve
The AISI 4150 alloy steel pump shaft is protected from abrasion in the stuffing box area by a hardened 400 series stainless steel shaft sleeve. The hooked sleeve design effectively seals the shaft from the pumped liquid.

5. Seal Water Drain
A tapped drain at the lowest point on the stuffing box cover permits continuous drainage of all leakage from the stuffing box.

6. Impeller
The impeller is designed for optimum balance between efficiency, solids handling and abrasion resistance. Multiple vane impellers are available for each pump model.

The casing is a one-piece design for smooth hydraulic flow and maximum solids passage. Extra thick casting walls provide extended protection against abrasion and corrosion. Back pull-out design allows removal of the impeller and bearing frame without disturbing existing piping.

8. Wear Rings
Replaceable 400 series stainless steel rings protect the impeller and suction cover from wear. Axial sealing permits impeller adjustment to maintain proper clearance. Wear rings available in optional materials and hardness ratings.

Additional features not illustrated above:
  • Pump Support Feet
    Vertical configured pumps (VPM and VOS) are designed for three-point mounting at the pump casing. When the driver is to be coupled directly to the pump (VPM), Morris' exclusive fabricated pedestal is mounted directly on the pump feet. This places the motor's weight on the support piers. No stress is "passed through" the pump casing. (Smaller motors may also be pedestal mounted directly on the bearing frame.)
  • Inspection Ports
    A generous and smooth internally contoured inspection plate is provided on the casing. Inspection ports may be optionally furnished in suction elbow or suction spool piece.
  • Flush Water Rings (optional)
    A series of holes in the suction cover wear ring allows water to be continuously injected during pump operation. This water injection flushes away abrasives and fibrous material, thus extending the wear life of the wet-end components.
  • Temperature and Vibration Monitoring (optional)
    A wide variety of temperature and vibration monitoring devices are available. A conveniently located pump-mounted junction box can be supplied to terminate the sensor conductors and facilitate connections to customer's instrumentation system.

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