Series 6100 - Cross Section Drawing / Features & Benefits

Noted Features:
  • Tapered Roller Bearings
  • Stuffing Box
  • Replaceable Rear Liner
  • Extra Heavy Reversible Casing
  • Suction Cover
  • Impeller
  • Positive Drive
  • Positive Liquid Sealing at Impeller
  • Machined Fits
  • Shaft Sleeve
  • Cast Integrated Supports
  • Heavy Duty Shaft

Additional Features:

  • Standard Flange Connections
  • Sight Glass & Vent
  • Optional Casing Vent & Drain Taps
  • Optional Gauge Taps

Tapered Roller Bearings
Oil lubrication; minimum B-10 life of 100,000 hours. Optional grease lubrication

Stuffing Box
Suitable for either packing or a variety of mechanical seals. Machined register fits assure concentricity with shaft. Stuffing box is provided with two 3/8" NPT flush taps.Replaceable Rear Liner
Extra thick wear surface manufactured of high-chrome cast iron (28HC650) for extended wear life. Drilled and tapped holes provide secure fastening to bearing frame.

Extra Heavy Reversible Casing
Ample wall thickness for longer life. Casing can be reversed for rotation in either direction. High-chrome cast iron (28HC650) construction.

Suction Cover
Removable suction cover allows easy access to pump internals for maintenance; provides extra heavy replaceable wear surface for longer life in abrasive service. High-chrome cast iron (28HC650) construction.

Fully recessed cup-type design for maximum solids handling. 650 BHN high-chrome cast iron (28HC650) construction for superior wear resistance. State-of-the-art design provides higher efficiencies than other recessed impeller pumps. Back pump-out vanes reduce stuffing box pressure and minimize solids entry into the sealing area.

Positive Drive
Machined fit, straight bore, key drive provides positive torque transmission that is unavailable with other hard metal pump designs. No trial fits or re-babbitting is required.

Positive Liquid Sealing at Impeller
Fully confined O-ring between impeller and sleeve protects shaft from pumpage.

Machined Fits
Fully machined wet end registered fits with confined O-rings provide positive alignment and ease of maintenance throughout the entire pump. Close tolerance design minimizes wear.

Shaft Sleeve
Pump shaft is protected by a 420 stainless steel hook-type shaft sleeve hardened to 450 BHN.

Cast Integrated Supports
Cast support legs increase strength, minimize vibration and offer simple mounting.

Heavy Duty Shaft
Rugged high-carbon AISI 1045 HR steel designed for toughest services.

Standard Flange Connections
Machined flat-faced & drilled flange connections for reliability

Sight Glass & Vent
Oil lubricated units feature sight glass for simple inspection.

Optional Casing Vent & Drain Taps
Optional vent and drain tapped openings enhance serviceability.

Optional Gauge Taps
Machinability of 28HC650 allows the option of 1/2" suction and discharge gauge taps.

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