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- 7100 NC Non-Clog 
Wastewater Pumps

Head Range: High
  (275' TDH max.; BEP TDH's ~200')

Capacity Range: Up to 75,000 USGPM

Impeller Type: Francis Vane

Specific Speed Range: 1,800 ~ 2,700

- 7100 EC Extra Capacity 
Wastewater Pumps

Head Range: 
(175' TDH max.; BEP TDH's ~100')

Capacity Range: Up to 100,000 USGPM

Impeller Type: Modified Francis Vane

Specific Speed Range: 2,700 ~ 3,700

- 7100 MF Mixed Flow
Wastewater Pumps

Head Range: 
Low (100' TDH max.; BEP TDH's ~50')

Capacity Range: Up to 150,000 USGPM

Impeller Type: Mixed Flow

Specific Speed Range: 4,700 ~ 5,800
  • Does Morris Pumps manufacture "custom" pumps and systems?

    In one sense, yes! Morris Series 7100 NC, EC and MF dry-pit non-clog and mixed-flow pumps are highly "customizable". Beginning with basic standard pump design parameters, Morris pumps are available with an almost unlimited number of special features, options and accessories to meet the specific requirements of each client's project application. We pride ourselves in working hand-in-hand with pumping system designers and consultants to assure the end-user of a reliable, trouble-free system that exceeds expectations. Whether it is special materials of construction, special sealing requirements, customized mounting and drive arrangements, instrumentation and control devices, series or parallel operation, or any number of  other custom arrangements, Morris Pumps has the engineering experience to assist you.
    For more information or to receive project references for some of our existing installations please contact us: E-Mail Morris Pumps

  • We need special materials of construction for our new pumps. Can Morris helps us with this?

    Absolutely!  In today's world when many pump manufacturers want you to settle for "standard construction" to make life easier for them, Morris Pumps is proud to offer many special materials options to meet the specific needs of your applications. Whether handling abrasives, acidic mixtures, caustic wastes, or other unusual wastewater mixtures,  Morris' staff of highly experienced applications engineers stand ready to help you with technical assistance and materials recommendations for most any application. Here is an abbreviated list of some of our most common materials of construction:

    - Cast Iron - ASTM A48-83,  Classes 30 ~ 50, including Nickel added variations
    - Ductile Iron - ASTM A536-84, assorted grades
    - Meehanite Cast Iron - ASTM A48, Class 50, Meehanite Grade GAH50
    - Hi-Chrome Cast Iron - ASTM A532-82, Class 3, Type A  (hardness up to 650 BHN)
    - 304 & 316 Stainless Steel - ASTM A743/A743M-84, Grades CF8 & CF8M
    - "Duplex" Stainless Steel (CD4MCu) - ASTM A890/A890M  (UNS No. J93370)
    - Alloy 20 - ASTM A743/A743M-84, Grade CN-7M
    - Hastelloy-B - ASTM A494-N-12M
    - Navy "G" Bronze - ASTM B584-85a (UNS No. C90300)

    Many additional materials are available. Please feel free to contact us to discuss your specific requirements. When contacting us, please provide the following applications information:
    - Description of the pumped liquid, including pumping temperature range and pH levels
    - Type, size and percentage of solids in the liquid
    - Details about any corrosives or other chemicals in the pumped liquid
    - Pump duty cycle / frequency of operation
    Please send your inquiries to:E-Mail Morris Pumps

  • Do you have any "series" pump installations?

    Yes! One of our specialties is the design and manufacture of custom high-head pumping systems. The following links will take you to some project profile reports for a couple of the more interesting systems we have designed. Please feel free to call upon us for design assistance with your next high-head application!

    Suwanee Creek Raw Water Pump Station
    Beaver Ruin Pump Station

  • What pump discharge sizes are offered by Morris Pumps?

    Here is a summary of our standard discharge sizes listed by pump type:

    Series 7100 NC - Dry Pit Non-Clog Pumps:  4" ~ 30"    (102mm ~ 762mm)
    Series 7100 EC - Dry Pit Non-Clog Pumps: 12" ~ 36"    (305mm ~ 914mm)
    Series 7100 MF - Dry Pit Mixed-Flow Pumps: 16" ~ 54"    (406mm ~ 1372mm)
    Series 6100 Severe Duty Cup-Type Recessed Impeller Pumps:  2" ~ 8"       (51mm ~ 203mm)

  • What's so special about the Morris HC28650 High Chrome cast iron?   Isn't Ni-Hard just as good?

    For consistent wear resistance and superior overall performance, HC28650 High Chrome cast iron offers many benefits over Ni-Hard. Some of these benefits include:

    - The highly controlled heat-treatment process utilized by Morris Pumps results in a uniform, consistent hardness through the entire molecular structure of the pump castings .  Compare this with the "soft spots" and inconsistent hardness commonly associate with Ni-Hard material, for which heat-treating is ineffective.

    - Unlike Ni-Hard material, HC28650 High-Chrome cast iron can be annealed for machinability. This allows for precision machining and precise registered-fits to assure proper assembly and alignment of the pump component parts. This also permits the use of a straight, keyed impeller bore. It eliminates the need for  Babbitt-mounting of the impeller and prevents the imbalance commonly associated with Babbitt-fit impeller designs. Why should the end-user have to pay for the oversized shafts and bearing assemblies required to compensate for the imbalance produced by Babbitt-fit impellers? Why should the end-user have to accept premature bearing and seal failure caused  by  an imbalanced impeller/shaft assembly?  The Morris 6100 Series eliminates these concerns!

    - HC28650 High Chrome cast iron provides greater  tensile strength and better corrosion resistance.

    It is interesting to note that cryogenic treatment of the Ni-Hard actually resulted in less wear resistance!
    Click here to view a copy of actual test report: High Chrome Iron R&D Report

  • Why are the Series 6100 cup-type recessed impeller pumps normally supplied with v-belt drives?

    Unlike vortex pumps with "radial vane" impellers, pumps with cup-type impeller are supplied in a full-diameter (un-trimmed) condition. This is required to achieve the correct operating hydraulics and optimum vortex pumping action. Unless the customer's system requirements just happen to match the pump performance curve at full speed operation, the pump RPM must be altered to adjust the pump duty point rating. Most typically this is accomplished by the use of a v-belt drive system to reduce the pump speed from the full load motor speed.  

    The most popular and cost-effective mounting configuration is the common "side-by-side" arrangement on a common fabricated-steel baseplate. Though more costly, the alternative "overhead-mounting" arrangement can be supplied when floor space is limited. (Due to the logistical requirements of v-belt drive systems it is normally not practical to supply this pump type in the vertical mounting configuration.)

    The standard v-belt drive system is commonly referred to as "fixed-speed" as the system is designed to operate at a constant motor/pump speed ratio. For the "fixed-speed" system it is our standard practice to supply an adjustable motor sheave, fixed pump sheave, belts, guard and adjustable motor base. This system permits for limited speed adjustment to "fine tune" the pump performance to match the actual jobsite system head conditions. It is not intended for frequent speed changes and the adjustments must be made when the pumps are not operating. As a standard option, we can supply what is commonly referred to as an  "adjustable"  v-belt drive consisting of a motion-control sheave system and "automatic" motor base with hand wheel crank. This system provides for quick speed adjustment over a wider RPM range and adjustment can be made while the pumps are operating.  Another popular alternative for applications requiring "adjustable speed" is to supply the fixed-speed v-belt drive system together with an electronic motor control Variable Frequency Drive system. This alternative is particularly popular for installations that require adjustment of the pump speed from a remote location.

  • What about controls, VFD's and related accessories? Can Morris supply these items as part of a complete "system" package?

    We realize that drives and control systems are a very important part of a wastewater pumping solution. Morris Pumps can provide you with the expertise and buying power to provide a single source package. This "one-stop shop" approach provides the engineer, contractor and end-user with these benefits:

    - Complete system performance tests
    - Proper system integration of the motors, drives and controls
    - Competitive pricing
    - Assured compatibility
    - Single contract administration

    To help assure proper system integration and compatibility, please contact us with your drive and control requirements during the project design and planning phase. For information and assistance please contact us: E-Mail Morris Pumps

    The following images are a brief sampling of our drive and control system capabilities:

  • Does Morris Pumps offer pump selection and sizing software?

    Yes!  Morris Pumps offers ePump-Flo online pump selection and sizing software for real-time pump selection and sizing. The pump curves include a drop-down menu listing documents related to the selected pump (eg. specifications, drawings, data sheets, etc.). Click on the following link to access the Morris PumpsePump-Flo site: ePump-Flo

  • How do I get parts and service for my old Morris Pumps?

    Our complete documentation and records files guarantee that Morris parts meet the original project specifications. An experienced Morris parts/service specialist will assist you in selecting alternate materials if necessary to meet your changing operating requirements.

    Whether in the field or at our factory, pump overhaul and rebuilds are completed with original equipment parts and exacting care. Morris pumps can be overhauled to original specifications or updated to meet your current conditions and application requirements. Complete rotating assemblies with new-unit warranties are also available.

    For information and assistance with Morris parts or service please contact our Parts and Service group at:

  • What testing is provided for Morris Pumps?

    Morris Pumps can provide factory performance testing for all of its pump products through 54" discharge size. Our state of-the-art test facility utilizes specialized software that acquires data to develop pump curves and performance data. An effective calibration and quality control system is used to test and verify equipment performance. Testing and test procedures are done in accordance with current Hydraulic Institute) test standards.

    Here are a few images taken at our test lab facilities:

    NOTE: For additional technical articles and reports please visit the "Technical Articles and Reports" page at the main YCC website: Technical Articles and Reports

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