Series 7100 Heavy Duty Wastewater Pumps
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Morris has teamed the NC, EC and MF Lines into the 7100 Series of Heavy Duty Wastewater Pumps to meet the requirements of today's municipal and industrial applications. Each line is designed for a different head range. If the pump application requires heads in the 100 to 200 ft plus TDH range, the NC line is the selection. The EC line is a group of medium head pumps that delivers flows between a 60 to a 120 foot range. The MF line is the best choice for high capacity/low head conditions covering from as low as 15 feet to over 65 ft. These three lines are designed to be job matched to your specific needs. It is possible to have a pump from all three lines meet the same duty point. This flexibility allows selection and specification based on pump speed, efficiency, specific speed, driver size, wear, equipment life or cost.

This wide choice of sizes, configurations and materials of construction - coupled with a choice of three pump types designed for different, but overlapping, head ranges - means you can specify a Morris pump that will deliver superior performance yet still provide a cost effectiveness and operation life second to none.

A Morris professional will assist you in providing a comprehensive solution for today's wastewater equipment applications. The standard material selection for wastewater is cast gray iron due to its low cost and characteristic strength and durability. If mild corrosion or abrasion protection is required, a 3% nickel iron is suggested. While incrementally more expensive than standard grey iron, benefits in wear resistance and uniformity of castings make 3% nickel iron a logical choice for many wastewater applications. For high head/high pressure or heavy shock load applications Morris offers optional ductile iron construction for increased strength and overall toughness.

Exotic materials are a Morris specialty. Morris pumps are available in various grades of stainless steel and special metallurgies such as CD4MCu ("Duplex" stainless steel), High-Chrome Iron, Ni-Hard, Bronze, or other unique metals to meet your most demanding corrosive or abrasive applications.

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Article Reprints:

» North Creek Pumping Station,
King County, WA

» Suwanee Creek Pumping Station,
Gwinnett County, GA

Project / Application Profiles:
San Jose / Santa Clara WPCP Morris MF pumps provide raw sewage pumping and help protect the delicate eco-system in the South San Francisco Bay.

Central WWTP, Tacoma, WA Morris MF pumps play a key role in Tacoma's wastewater treatment system, helping to protect Washington's Puget Sound and the surrounding region.

Platte West Water Treatment Facility Morris EC and MF pumps provide finished water transfer and backwash supply for metro Omaha's new state-of-the art $352 million water treatment facility.

Coastal Water Authority - Lynchburg Pump Station Custom engineered raw water pumps for one of the Houston area's key pumping stations. This installation features 3000 HP Morris 30x36-62 4V D7 pumps with WPII inverter-duty motors and numerous accessory items, including oil lubrication , seal water and custom pump-mounted walkway systems.

Columbia Boulevard WWTP Custom engineered wastewater pumps for one of Portland, Oregon's main wastewater treatment plants. This installation features both Series 7100 and 6100CT series pumps for handling raw sewage, grit and septage waste.

West Side CSO - Swan Island Pump Station Custom engineered wastewater pumps for Portland, Oregon's combined sewer overflow system. This station features 2000 HP Morris 24x30-50 4V D6 pumps for wet-weather service and 800 HP Morris 14x14-253V3 pumps for dry-weather service. All pumps include air-cooled VFD systems.

Suwanee Creek Pump Station High Head / Series Pumping / Flywheel
This station features three sets of duplex Morris 1012242V-3 pumps. These pumps are arranged in a VOS (vertical open shaft) arrangement with pump A on the lower level and pump B on an upper level. This series configuration produces a combined output of  4,236 GPM at 345 feet TDH. All pumps include a flywheel drive arrangement for flow surge protection and minimization of power fluctuation.

Beaver Ruin Pump Station High Head / Series Pumping
This station features three sets of duplex Morris 1214255V-3 pumps. These pumps are arranged in-line and both pumps of each set are driven by single dual-shaft 1,250 HP motors. This series configuration produces a combined output of   7,000 GPM at 450 feet TDH.

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