Series 6100 Severe Duty Cup-Type Recessed Impeller Pumps
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The Ultimate Sludge & Grit Pump!
The Morris goal with the 6100 CT is to provide a severe duty, abrasion resistant, solids handling pump with the longest possible life. To accomplish this, the 6100 CT features optimized mechanical and hydraulic features in conjunction with superior materials of construction.

Hydraulically, the Morris 6100 CT uses a fully recessed cup type impeller that is located completely out of the flow path. This cup design maximizes vortex action while redirecting abrasives back into the flow path.

The larger diameter of the 6100 CT impeller, with its unique cup design, enables the unit to run at lower operating speeds compared to other recessed impeller pumps. Lower operating speed equates to less wear and longer life than other pumps.

The Morris cup type design creates a unique situation compared to standard vortex pumps. The wear in the cup increases the effective surface area of the impeller and improves performance and efficiencies over the life of the equipment. The 6100 CT offers an impeller capable of operating in either direction of rotation at maximum hydraulic performance simply by reversing the casing. This symmetrical impeller and reversible casing design offers the most flexibility for installation and reduced parts inventory.

Mechanically, the 6100 CT features modular wet end components that are easily rotated or replaced to minimize localized wear. This modular design also allows easy access for maintenance without removal or disturbance of piping. The heavy duty component design, in conjunction with liberal wall thicknesses provides ample abrasion allowances. In fact, wall sections and wear surfaces of wet end components are the thickest in the industry. The shaft is protected by the use of both an o-ring seal on the hook type shaft sleeve and back vanes on the impeller. These back vanes reduce pressure at the stuffing box and minimize solids intrusion to the seal area.

Morris 28HC650 chrome iron construction of critical wet end components offers distinct advantages over other material selections. Chrome iron is fully machinable in its annealed state, yet when hardened provides superior resistance to abrasive wear. Machined components, including a straight bore, key driven impeller offer the advantages of positive alignment and torque transfer over "as-cast" or "soft iron insert" designs.

The Morris 6100 CT combines superior hydraulic design, conservative mechanical design and optimal materials selection to work together to provide even wear characteristics and uncompromising life. No component of the 6100 CT is considered sacrificial!

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