Series 2910 Scru-PellerĀ® Sludge Pumps

CHICAGO PUMPĀ®Series 2910 Scru-Peller Sludge Pumps are specifically designed for pumping primary sludge. The unique Scru-Peller design incorporates exclusive features that allow the unit to pump and cut solids continuously while providing economical, dependable operation. The Scru-Peller Pump has established an unmatched performance record in thousands of installations.

  • Capacities to 700 USGPM (44 l/s)
  • Heads to 160 feet (49m)
  • Discharge Sizes 4" and 6" (102mm and 152mm)

Large size solids are substantially reduced by the cutting action of eight shear bars in the screw conveyor housing and impeller casing. Stellite cutting edges on the screw conveyor and on the two-vane impeller together with the shear ring provide additional cutting surfaces.

Cutting Elements:

1- Continuous screw conveyor with stellite cutting edges.

2- Extended two-vane open impeller also with stellite cutting edges.

3- Two precision made horizontal shear bars located in the conveyor housing.

4- Two vertical shear bars mounted inside the front end bearing bracket at the upper end of the screw conveyor.

5- Shear ring surrounding the down stream side of the screw conveyor just preceding the impeller.

6- Four vertical shear bars located in the impeller casing on each side of the impeller.

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