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  • Does Chicago Pump still manufacture condensate or circulating pumps?  What about booster and clean-water pumps?

    No, we have not manufactured these types of pump for many years. For information about our current products, please click on the "Products" menu at the top of this page.

  • Do you offer Explosion-Proof submersible pumps?

    Yes, Chicago Pump Series 2152 submersible non-clog pumps are available with third-party Factory Mutual (FM) listing for Class 1, Groups C & D hazardous locations. 

  • What types of sealing options can Chicago Pump supply?

    For Chicago Pump dry-pit pumps, the standard sealing method is the packed stuffing box with either grease lubrication or water flush connections. As an option, Chicago Pump can furnish a wide variety of commercially available mechanical seals to meet the customer's specific requirements. There are normally several "pros and cons" for each type of seal; therefore, we urge you to contact us for recommendations pertaining to your particular application. When contacting us, please provide the following applications information:
    - Description of the pumped liquid, including pumping temperature range and pH levels
    - Type, size and percentage of solids in the liquid
    - Details about any corrosives or other chemicals in the pumped liquid
    - Details about availability of external sealing/flush water supply

    Chicago Pump submersible pumps are supplied with Self-Sintered Silicon Carbide Graphite Composite (SSC-GC) mechanical seals. This state-of-the art material, combined with the superior design of the seal system,  provides the customer with unparalleled seal performance and reliability. To read more about it, please refer to the following document: Silicon Carbide Mechanical Seal Report

  • What discharge sizes are available from Chicago Pump?

    Here is a summary of our standard discharge sizes:

    VCS - Vertical Enclosed Shaft Wet-Pit Non-Clog Pumps: 3" ~ 4"   (76mm ~ 102mm)
    VOS / VPM / HBB - Dry-Pit Non-Clog Pumps: 4" ~ 12"   (102mm ~ 305mm)
    Series 2152 - Submersible Non-Clog Pumps: 3" ~ 14"   (76mm ~ 356mm)
    Series 2235 - Dry-Pit Submersible Non-Clog Pumps: 4" ~ 8"   (102mm ~ 203mm)
    Scru-Peller® Sludge Pumps: 4" ~ 6"   (102mm ~ 152mm)
    VTX - Vortex Pumps: 4"   (102mm)

    NOTE: For sizes not listed above please contact us with details of your application and capacity/head requirements.

  • Does Chicago Pump offer a computer software program for pump sizing and selection?

    Yes!  Chicago Pump offers two (2) software systems:

    PumpfinderPlus® v8
    The PumpfinderPlus software is designed for installation and operation on the user's PC. The pump curves include a drop-down menu for accessing catalog documents applicable to the pump selection (e.g. specifications, drawings, data sheets).

    The ePumpFlo system provides online pump selection and sizing without the need to download or install any software. Like PumpfinderPlus, the pump curves include a drop-down menu for accessing catalog documents applicable to the pump selection.

  • Can Chicago Pump  wet-pit submersible pumps be operated in a non-submerged or partially-submerged condition?

    A simple "yes" or "no" answer to this question would be misleading at best. There are many considerations that must be evaluated in order to determine the minimum submergence requirements. In addition to motor cooling considerations, there are important hydraulic issues that should be evaluated. To help address these issues, we have prepared the following technical paper which we hope will be of interest to you:  Submersible Pumps - Minimum Submergence Considerations.

  • I can not get a replacement for my Smith & Loveless comminutor.  Can I use a Chicago Pump Comminutor in its place?

    Yes, we have been working with S&L regarding using CP Comminutors for their installations.  You can contact S&L to discuss using a modified Chicago Pump Comminutor.
    Please contact:
    Dennis Zwahlen
    Retrofit Asst. Mgr – After Market Div.
    Smith & Loveless
    Phone: 913-888-5201

    NOTE: For additional technical articles and reports please visit the "Technical Articles and Reports" page at the main YCC website: Technical Articles and Reports


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