Series 7611 - The Original Chicago PumpĀ® Comminutor

As the inventors of the original Comminutor, Chicago Pump has an unmatched level of experience in sanitary waste solids size reduction. The original Chicago Pump Comminutor provides automatic and continuous screening and cutting of coarse entrained sewage solids without removal from the sewage channel. The original Chicago Pump Comminutor is specified by major consultants and users worldwide and is the leading design standard by which others are measured.

  • Designed for flow rates up to 72 MGD (3155 L/s)
  • Sizes from 7" ~ 54" (178 ~ 1372mm)
  • Provides screening and comminution of the entire flow
  • Systematic staggering of the cutting and shearing components provides continuous and gradual cutting, equalized torque distribution and elimination of plugging during high rag loads
  • Massive rotating-drum design provides optimum cutting efficiency at a constant optimized speed
  • Extremely low head-loss characteristics
  • Superior design eliminates the need for auto-reversing controls and jam sensors
  • Low horsepower requirement provides extremely low electrical operating costs
  • TEFC gearmotor is standard / TEXP and Submersible (IP68) motors are optional
  • Hydraulic Drive and Extended Shaft drives are optional

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