CLC "Closed-Loop-Cooled Dry-Pit Submersible Motors

For dry-pit submersible pumps with motor frame sizes 210 ~ 360, YCC utilizes a system called CLC for Closed Loop Cooling. The bottom part of the motor is comprised of a reservoir containing a recirculation cooling (heat transfer) fluid.

This fluid is similar to a light oil, but thermodynamically very active, i.e. the fluid will change temperatures quickly depending on the temperature it is exposed to. When the pump is at rest, the fluid is at rest in the reservoir. Please also note there are channels that are a integral part of the motor housing. As the pump/motor begins to operate and generate heat, the heat transfer fluid expands and starts to circulate through the motor housing channels.

The channels are comprised of "up" and "down" sections. The fluid rises in an up section and is returned to the reservoir in a down section. The reservoir contains a series of internal fins that increases the reservoir surface area. On the opposite side of the fins is the wastewater being pumped. Since there is a significant temperature differential between the cooling fluid and the liquid being pumped, the cooling fluid gives off heat.

Also, the channels on the motor housing run the length of the housing, and as the motor temperature increases, the fluid gives off heat as convection into the surrounding area.These two methods of removing the heat from the fluid remove the heat from the motor.

Please click in the link to the right to view a brief video that graphically represents this process.
CLC Motor Animation

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